Treasure your health

What is it?

It is a challenge that will involve 12 little treasure chests hidden in different local areas that must be found and the treasure inside retrieved.

What can you win?

Let's start with great experiences! You win visits to places that you may have never been before - gorgeous waterfalls, great hiking trails and time out in nature! You get better mental and physical health! We also have a list of planned prizes for those that finish the challenge, at two different levels. The grand prize will include an Empire Pass that gets you free parking in most New York State parks for 2020! There are more prizes and we will list them all here and on our Facebook page/event when we finalize them.

When does this run and how do you start?

This will run from June 1st until August 31st. We have to put all of these treasure chests in place and will do so over Memorial Day weekend. On June 1st, we will post a file here that gives you the names of the places/parks you will need to visit, rough coordinates of where the chest is hidden at each spot and parking fees, if there are any. You'll have to use your treasure finding skills to actually locate the hidden chest and retrieve your share of the treasure!