Too late for taboo

too late for taboo community talks

The first "Too Late for Taboo" community talk was held in December of 2018 and we aimed to have one, at least, every other month since. While we set out to specifically discuss suicide and mental illnesses, we have branched out to include addiction and domestic violence. They all intertwine.

We will do our best to update both this page and our FB page with the upcoming events. If there are ever any questions or if you feel there is a topic we need to discuss, please feel free to email, call or message us! These are free, community discussions and we hope to see you there!

TOO LATE FOR TABOO - coping with covid

Please join us at 12:30 pm on Saturday, April 12 for a community discussion about coping with our situation. We will be joined by a licensed mental health worker to discuss the ways in which this can be affecting us, both now and later, and how to best help ourselves and others! This will be a Zoom Webinar and more inf

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