qpr suicide prevention training


QPR is evidence-based training that helps you understand and recognize the signs of behavior that may be indicative of suicidal thoughts. In addition, and probably more importantly, it teaches you how to respond to, speak to and help someone that may be suicidal. Our goal is to offer these trainings free to the public with regularity. We will update this page, as well as our Facebook page, as we plan each one. 

While these are free to the public, they are not free for us to hold. Donations are greatly appreciated, but NOT necessary for attendance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!


Our next training will take place on Sunday, February 16th at 10am.

These trainings have limited seating. Please be sure to pre-register

 by email, phone or on our FB event! You can register at 607-252-6652, by

email at MRHessHomeWorks@gmail.com or by using this link to visit our FB event.