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what is a push through box? Suicide Prevention Support

Push Through boxes are put together with consideration as to what may make someone who is in a dark time in their life, a time during which they may feel suicidal, feel a little less alone. They contain things like worry stones and a key chain, reminders of strength and letters/notes of compassion and empathy and reasons to stay alive, to push through. They are placed out among the community so that they may be collected by or for someone that needs them, whenever that may be. Below is a list of locations at which these boxes may currently be found. Please be respectful when retrieving them, as these are being hosted by some very generous businesses and I would hate for us to lose these amazing locations. 

We will try to keep this list updated, noting if a box has been removed and also when it has been restocked. Please understand that these boxes are all put together by hand. It may take a day or two to see a replacement.


PUsh through; box locations

Send a box of Hope!

While we anxiously wait for a day when conversations about mental health and suicide/suicide prevention are easier for all, we understand that this may not be your current situation. We would hate to think that you have someone that you think would benefit from one of our boxes, someone that may be struggling with suicidal thoughts, but you aren't sure how to give it to them. We are now offering to mail a box to them, whether you want it done anonymously or you want a note inside that states that you sent it and are available to listen. Please use the form below to let us know where to send it and how you want it sent. We will email you and let you know when it ships. 

All information given will be kept confidential. 

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