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M.R. Hess Home Works, Inc.

About Us


Originally started by Michael Hess as a contracting business, through which he did some amazing work, M.R. Hess Home Works has sat idle since Michael decided to leave and we tragically lost him to suicide. Not wanting to give up one of the things which made him so proud, we are taking his business and using it to try to educate, empower and spread understanding and compassion within the community.  Please feel free to look around and see what we currently have to offer. Remember to come back occasionally to see what is in the works. Definitely don't forget to find and like us on Facebook! 


Our Goals

Our goals are simple: To include everyone. To give everyone a chance. To show everyone that there is compassion. To show everyone that they can find their purpose. To show everyone that they can last another day. To show everyone that they are important. To strengthen relationships, make the individual stronger and foster community.

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